John Bobik - Sample Pack

I received you sample kit and extra sample items. I must say I am very impressed.

I have been looking for back of the room  kits to sell for a while and have not found anything that looked as nice as what you sent me. I must admit that finding my picture and customizing the box was a great idea. Really made it personal and I liked the way it looked.  Great Marketing!

I am looking to start selling magic not just at my shows but at other venues as well.

After looking at the kit you sent and knowing what is cost to shrink wrap the box, print the custom label and adhere it to the box then added the items and books. I could not do it for the price you have them at without me buying a lot of equipment. I spent 15 years in retail and know the amount of effort that goes in to what you are doing and the cost of the products and packaging.

My first order will be the wands, hopefully placed this weekend then in the near future my first order of kits.

I had to send this note on a job well done. My only tough choice is if I want to tell me friends about this great looking product or keep it my secret.

I guess it is better to share.

Thank you for the fast and great customer service.

John Bobik

This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 05 February, 2012.