Chris Carpunky - Easy Magic Kit

"Dear Roman: I thought I would send a Thank You. Your Custom Magic Kits are not only of the highest quality, a great giveaway but also a money maker. I sold 24 units in just 30 days when I posted these on my website. Also, if a magician is looking for that something special to make them stand out over the next magician then they need to look no further. I offer the parent the Chris Carpunky Magic kit and the Official Chris Carpunky Magic Wand to book a Birthday Party. Not only does it work but it makes me look more established having my own kit. I have also been selling these to School Districts for my Magic of Reading Program. They purchase them for attendance prizes and are excited that the wands have instructions for 7 tricks to perform with it. This encourages the children to read. The only thing I am worried about is if everyone in my area finds out about it. Thanks again Roman!"

This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 05 February, 2012.