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Near my home is an amusement park for special individuals. It is the only one of its kind and it draws guests from all over the world. 
I have performed there a couple of times for very appreciative crowds.  I really could not justify doing too many free shows there until I met you.   
I have always considered it a nice gesture and a good place to try out new material. Also, theoretically, I could get some private party gigs off of it.
Anyway, this is all to tell you that I have been there twice recently and netted $125 at each show by selling wands and some kits. I prefer to sell wands. Better markup.
I am still perfecting the technique.  Here's the thing:  I get great publicity, great warm fuzzies, and I am doing shows at 11:00 on a Saturday when I never have paid gigs that early anyway.  Plus, they are indoors in the a/c.  
Since each wand has my contact info on it, and I am also giving away Jumbo Dollar Bills, soon I will get party gigs.  Five hundred extra dollars per month, net. Thirty minute show. Ten minutes from home. Treated like a rock star.
You are my hero, sir.
You may use this, but please edit it enough that I do not tip my competitors in my area.  This is a bird nest on the ground.

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